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Q: Baseball Trivia Continues:

What-a-man, What-a-man, what-a-man! What Former Major League Baseball Player is married to En Vogue Member Cindy Herron? What Hawaii specific distinction does the former ballplayer hold?

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411 Community Photos

Submitted by Jordan Demesillo. A picture of a Waipahu High School Band Class of 2003 at a Central Oahu Regional Park Gathering. (photo taken 05.23.03)


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Sun, 05/13/2007 Mother's Day - Git yo mama somethin nice kid.

Mon, 05/28/2007 Memorial Day! - A day to remember the awesome men and women of the armed forces who had sacrifice everything in order to fight for the right for dummies to hate their own country. Hurrah!


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BETTE MIDLER - HAWAII GIRL DONE GOOD: She's one of the best things to come out of Hawaii (sort of)... Radford kid makes a name for herself.
DAWG SECRETS: Ever watch Dog the Bounty Hunter and wonder what the bounty hunting rules are?
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UPDATED HAWAII WEB CAMS: Click Here for the Webcams we found on Oahu
TUNEINNOW.COM: Missed last nights must see TV or the video EVERYONE is talking about? Click here and catch up with your favorite shows and clips. WARNING - SEVERELY ADDICTIVE
Local Interest (more click here)
LIAR LIAR - Low brains + Lower brains equals waste time for the Police. The Kalihi Woman who cried rape last month may be up on charges for basically being really stupid.
WOW, HE CLAIMS INNOCENCE???? - Pest and tourist control murder man claims innocence of the murder of Japanese Tourist Masumi Watanabe. This has to be pretty much one of the worst thought out plans ever. Too much pest spray chemicals?
YOUR LIFE IS SINKING - Hey, for May Day some doof called the Coast Guard and pretended he and his crew were sinking... See what happens when you are stupid, start drinking, watch Titanic and then confuse May Day with April Fools? Here's your stupid sign....
Interviews (more click here)
01.30.03 - 411 INTERVIEW: MELVEEN LEED: What's Melveen Doing? Perhaps the question is, What isn't Hawaii's Favorite Tita doing... Hawaii411 goes to eat Japanese Food with the local superstar.
11.07.02: 411 INTERVIEW: WESTSIDE STRANGLER- Hailing direct from Irvine California, this MMA superstar is contemplating opening a school for martial arts here. His name is Chris Brennan.
10.07.02: 411 INTERVIEW: CHRIS DA CLOWN- 411 sends in the clown, starting with one of the best. Chris Teijeiro, aka Chris the Clown, is busier than ever due to a simple name change.
09.18.02 411 INTERVIEW: DUKE AIONA - James "Duke" Aiona throws his gavel into the political circuit.  What does a former Circuit Court Judge eat for Breakfast?
Sports (more click here)
05.04.03 - TOTAL KAOS - Kaos is back in action with the second Kaos event put on by Bareknuckles Productions.
05.03.03 - PACIFIC FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIPS - A new event out under the stars at the Waikiki Shell. Complete with Hawaiian Music by Koa Uka.
12.08.02 - SHOOTOHAWAII LAUNCHES - Hawaii411 goes to Maui, where ShootoHawaii packed the Lahaina Civic Center for the hugest fight card, featuring two of the top ranked fighters in the world. Super action.
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05.04.03 - COLLEEN'S CORNER: Phoo! For all of us who have ever wondered why the public bathroom smells the way it does - Some great investigative reporting by Colleen.

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WAIANAE REP: So the people of Waianae gathered on the beach where Christopher Reuther from North Carolina was murdered and stated that this one incident does not reflect on the area. They are right... It's probably the other 396 violent incidents that occured that day... The message is pretty clear. If you are Haole, it's best to stay clear of the beaches in Waianae.

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Jerome Williams: Prior to being taken in the first round of the 1999 draft, Williams had never been to the mainland before. Now, the 1999 Waipahu High Grad has worked his way into the starting pitching rotation for the San Francisco Giants. After being called up from the Minor League Fresno Grizzlies, where he played under Kalani High grad Len Sakata, Williams has compiled a 3-1 record with a 3.65 ERA.

Seen around his neck, is a puka-shell necklace that was given to Williams by his late mother, Deborah who died two years ago from breast cancer. Williams had buried the necklace near his mother's grave, but asked his brother to dig it up and send it to him when his old necklace broke. I guess Mrs. Williams was looking over her boy, because in only his sixth major league start, Jerome pitched a complete game shut-out.

The Giants had only called up Williams as an emergency starter, but it looks like he's there to stay. Williams looks to be an integral part of the first-place Giants, who hope to gain a repeat trip to the World Series. Who knows, maybe Jerome will join the likes of local-boys Sid Fernandez and Ron Darling as the only Hawaii natives to pitch in the World Series.

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CASTLE PARK - Before there was the Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park, there was Castle Park. Located next to Aloha Stadium, it had the big castle with arcade games, two miniature golf courses, a batting cage, go-carts, bumper boats, and the water park. Tailgating at the stadium always meant a walk over to the park. For years, it was a favorite destination for school field trips and family fun. It wasn't all fun and games though. Every time it rained, the golf courses became flooded. Poor maintenance caused the water park to be shut down frequently due to bacterial infections. I guess that's why they paved Castle Park and put up a Big K-Mart.

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